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Ex-Husbands and Wheels

I have one of the first Matchless wheels Schacht made, and here’s the story of how I got my beautiful wheel. I wanted desperately to get out of my marriage to Beelzebob (see post “Ex-Husband and Sweaters”), and was willing … Continue reading

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What to Do With an Ugly Color

The ability to dye fiber is important for any fiber enthusiast! It opens up so many opportunities … like buying great sale yarns in colors you don’t like to take home and overdye! For example … I was surprised when on a … Continue reading

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Heirlooms Crocheted by Women in my Family

This is the corner of a tablecloth crocheted by my Norwegian greatgrandmother, Berthine. While its normal place is on an antique table in the front room, I hang it safely out of reach when my grandchildren – Berthine’s great-great-great-grandchildren – visit! … Continue reading

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Beautiful Shuttle

I just had to post this! While not a project, it is a most beautiful shuttle. Some weavers may recognize it as the work of Ken Ledbetter of KCL Woods (www.kclwoods.com). I bought this from Ken and Carol at last … Continue reading

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Multi-Toed Weaver

This is our cat Helge, trying to get involved in the warping process. Curiously, while very interested in the warping board, she is totally disinterested in my loom. You may notice she’s a polydactyl and has 2 to 3 extra … Continue reading

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Poncho with Cuffs

I never liked wrestling little children into sweaters. Invariably little fingers catch on the cuffs, the sweaters ride up exposing round little bellies, or the buttons down the back bother the child sitting in a chair or stroller! In an … Continue reading

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Varpapuu Loom Manuals

A friend loaned me her 8 harness Varpapuu (Finnish) table loom, which was a gift from her mother. The loom is no longer made, so when it came to me I gathered all the information I could find about it.  … Continue reading

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