Ex-Husbands and Wheels

I have one of the first Matchless wheels Schacht made, and here’s the story of how I got my beautiful wheel.

I wanted desperately to get out of my marriage to Beelzebob (see post “Ex-Husband and Sweaters”), and was willing to sign away my rights to any community properties. I just wanted out. Though he knew I wasn’t making any claim on community properties, he fought me on everything that I wanted to take with me. Oddly, he was particularly nasty about a cast iron pot (!), saying that as one of his friends gave it to me (for my birthday), it was his, and a quilt (similar argument).

For some reason this made me very angry. About the same time, Schacht was allowing customers to order and pre-pay for its (then) brand new wheel, the Matchless. So I marched down to the local yarn store, ordered and paid for the wheel by charging it on one of our joint credit cards. Then I packed up, moved, and filed for divorce. Once the wheels hit the stores, I got to pick up my beautiful Matchless.

I knew it wasn’t his habit to look at his credit card charges, but if he looked at the next bill and figured out it was for a spinning wheel, he would either demand I repay him for the wheel or consider it his parting gift to me. As he never mentioned the wheel, I guess it was his going away present to me.

I still have the wheel. It reminds me that life is too short to stay in a miserable relationship.

Oh, I took the cast iron pot and the quilt with me too. 🙂


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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