Birthday Surprise

Here is my recent birthday surprise from Thor!  Yes, it is a bowl made by the talented Ken Ledbetter (see Links).  Those of us who knit and crochet immediately see its purpose: for holding a ball of yarn (of course).  It quickly replaced the mixing bowl that I had previously used – and is quite an improvement.  Not only does Ken’s bowl not tip over when I pull on the yarn, but it is an amazing piece of art.  I can (and do) leave it on any end table and gaze admiringly at it.  In fact, one of my grandsons (in elementary school), walked into my house, saw the bowl, and said, “Wow, nice bowl!”  His younger sister wasn’t as impressed and asked if she could put her crayons in it.  You can guess what my response was.  🙂


About sweatyknitter

Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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1 Response to Birthday Surprise

  1. darciad says:

    I’m with your grandson – nice bowl!


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