Protein vs. Cellulose

Waiting at a bus stop, I noticed a young college student shivering in the morning cold. She was wearing a cotton sweatshirt over a cotton t-shirt with a pair of jeans. She looked at me (wearing an alpaca coat, a wool hat and my favorite qiviut lace scarf), and said, “You look warm even though it’s so cold.” I told her it was probably because I was wearing protein fibers. She looked confused so was undoubtedly pleased when I launched onto an explanatory summary of the warmth-holding and -creating properties of various fibers. (When we boarded the bus, I couldn’t help but notice she scurried to the back, no doubt overwhelmed with stories of protein and cellulose.)

I thought of her this morning when I rode my bike to the breadstore. It was cool but not really cold, so I donned my beautiful qiviut scarf – the one that I knitted from my birthday qiviut. It lay around neck a gossamer wisp, trapping air and keeping my neck warm.  I knit mine in a shallow triangle with long “arms,” and it goes with me everytime I travel.  I think everyone should have a qiviut scarf!  I know it’s rather pricey, but a little ball of lace weight (mine was 28 g. ball with a little over 217 yards) will make a nice scarf!  I suspect Thor ordered it from Paradise Fibers, as he’s always singularly well-informed of their specials.  🙂


About sweatyknitter

Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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