Stash Containment

I’m not sure “stash” is the best descriptor of the accumulated fiber wealth of fiber devotees (aka FDs).  I just looked up the definition:  As a verb, it means to “store (something) safely and secretly in a specified place.”  As a noun, it means a “secret cache.”

I have never known a FD who viewed her or his stash as even remotely secret; in fact, generally anyone with even the barest of pulses entering the house of a FD immediately senses the presence of fibers!

My loom sits in a niche off the kitchen.  I love its location as I can go between soups and pies simmering and baking to whatever project is warped on my loom.  My laptop sits on one side of the loom bench; a large handmade basket holding various fiber related tools (e.g., shuttles, pick up sticks, niddy noddies) sits on the other side.   At the end of the kitchen wall is a tall, narrow bookshelf, crammed with fiber- and cooking-related books, magazines and single-paged sketches and hand written recipes and patterns.  To the edge of one of the shelves I’ve attached a Swedish bobbin winder; on the top of the bookshelf sits a Clemes & Clemes carder, and a Louet skein winder is perched on the end.

Walking into the living room I counted two “stashes” of knitting: One in a large wooden bowl a friend made for me while we were in grad school, and the other in a large traditional quilted knitting basket on a wooden frame.  On top of the bookshelf along one wall sits a Swedish yarn swift and a lazy Kate with three bobbins waiting to be plied.

Thor claims he knows which rooms I’ve been in because I leave a trail of fiber, pieces of yarn, knitting markers and even the wandering needle or two.

So, no, “stash” is most definitely not the correct word.  There is nothing secret or hidden about my fibers!


About sweatyknitter

Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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2 Responses to Stash Containment

  1. I love the “nests!” I put a loft bed in for grandchildren’s visits and stacked plastic file containers stuffed with fibers under the bed. So what’s bigger than a “nest?” Maybe a “cave.”


  2. darciad says:

    My husbands refers these niches of fiber as my “nests” which I have in several corners of the house! : )


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