Mandelbread, Fiber and Washing

I used to meet another Norwegian lady for coffee once a month, and we’d sit outside and nibble on homemade traditional Norwegian goodies, drink coffee, gab and knit.  My grandchildren, however, don’t want traditional Norwegian goodies that I grew up with.  Instead, they always ask me to make “Mrs. Moskowitz’s Mandelbread” (for some reason they will not shorten it to “mandelbread” – and sometimes they ask me to make “Moskobread”).  I was given the receipe by Mrs. Moskowitz, and I am ever thankful for her sharing.  It’s very popular in my house; I regularly make double batches.  The grandchildren will take 5-6 pieces each and scurry off to munch, and as for Thor … well, let’s say mandelbread don’t last long around him.

Tonight I found what seem to be two favorite places for munching:  Over one of my knitting baskets and under my loom.  Crumbs and chocolate bits were spread liberally on balls of yarn and a warp I have on the loom.  (I’m hoping Thor is not the responsible party.)

Right now the weaving has an ikat look in various spots, and a sweater I will soon start knitting will have cookie crumbs sprinkled through it.

I never worry about that: it’s all washable, whether by hand or by machine.  Good thing I didn’t make mandelbread with blueberries — now those would stain!

By the way, here’s a cleaning tip from my grandmother.  One summer in Norway many years ago I sat in a patch of blueberries while wearing white jeans.  I was very upset and almost cried when I noticed the stain.  My grandmother – ever the practical woman – told me to stop crying and give her my jeans.  She boiled water and then poured water into the stain from the inside of the pants.  She did that several times, and it washed the stain out!


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