The “Peaches & Cream” Conundrum

The other day I shared the Valentine’s Day surprise I wove for Thor: towels made from “Peaches & Cream.”  I also talked about having to go to Wal-Mart to buy more cones.  This morning I compared the labels: the “Peaches & Cream” I bought from Cotton Clouds is “The Original” and says so on the label (a label that shows a drawing of a peach in front of a pitcher of cream).  The label also notes it is made by Pisgah Yarn & Dying Co., Inc. in North Carolina.  The labels on the cones from Wal-Mart are different.  While made from yarn grown in the U.S., the yarn is made in Canada, and it reads “Peaches & Creme” (notice the spelling).

I found a Facebook page for “Elmore-Pisgah and Peaches and Creme Yarn,” and there read a long list of posts left by angry and/or disappointed users (seemed to be a lot of knitters and small business owners) of “Peaches & Cream” (the original), who claimed (I say “claimed” as this is the first time I used “Peaches & Cream” or “Peaches & Creme”), a decrease in quality of cotton (from long- to short-staple), the discontinuation of favorite colors, and an increase in price.

I now have a couple of cones of the new “Peaches & Creme” so look forward to weaving another towel or two with it, washing and drying and then comparing to the towels from the original “Peaches & Cream.”  I’m calculating the shrinkage rate of the new yarn using the old yarn, so I’ll be able to see shrinkage difference early on.


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3 Responses to The “Peaches & Cream” Conundrum

  1. Curls & Q says:

    Geez, I keep mine too with a strand of the yarn or swatch (if I’m doing something that really requires one), but I sure did not notice! Kudos!


  2. Neither did I! Because I always tape the label of a commercial yarn I’ve used into one of my project notebooks, I could could compare labels. They’re definitely different – but in a way that’s not too noticeable! (Tricky!)


  3. Curls & Q says:

    I never noticed the different spelling! I’ll have to check which one I have!


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