Ripping Out

Tonight I am ripping out a wool sweater-jacket I knit for one of the grandchildren. My daughter picked out the pattern, and I modified it slightly (neither of us liked the original sleeves). Finished, however, I realized it was not a flattering jacket! I checked all my gauges and finished measurements (all were as they should be). It simply didn’t look good. So I’ll skein, wash, reset the twist/get the kinks out and rewind into balls. It’s a nice rhubarb-colored machine washable wool, so I will use it in another project!


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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2 Responses to Ripping Out

  1. Well, it is actually exciting, because I just didn’t like the old project. I decided to knit the little girl’s dress in the most recent Interweave Press mag. I will change the pattern – the yarn I have is thinner than that used for the dress in the mag and probably lengthen it (my granddaughter is tall for her age) … but I have enough yarn!


  2. oh no, how brave of you!


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