Swatching at Artfibers


I just discovered Artfibers in San Francisco ( Soon after arriving in SF I discovered I lost 2 of my 5 sock needles (on which I had a project) en route! Yelp directed me to the nearest yarn store: Artfibers. I dashed over before it closed and was welcomed by Amanda who showed me their needle stock. Of course, being a devotee of all things fiber, I couldn’t help but take 5 minutes to walk around the store. Artfibers, I learned, does not stock commercial yarns but blends, colors and spins their own. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that their yarns are available for swatching; indeed, there’s a comfy area that welcomes knitters to sit and try out the yarns (from swatch cones). There are swatches already prepared from each yarn so knitters can see – and feel – what the yarns look like knit up. Also great about Artfibers is that customers can buy as little or much as they need – by yardage; each yarn is priced by yard.

One yarn in a certain color I couldn’t get out of my mind; in fact, I think it was the first image that popped into mind when I woke up! Here is a picture of it. Its name is Tsuki (color #10) – 40% silk and 60% super kid mohair (1160 y/90 g). You can see the beginning of my swatch based on Galina Khmeleva’s “Strawberry Scarf” (Piecework, Jan/Feb 2012). Of course once I had the chance to work with it, I just had to buy it. It was 6 cents a yard, and I bought 600 yards – more than enough for a wide scarf/wrap.

Not only was the customer service outstanding, but upon my return the next day, I spent a lovely two or so hours swatching and chatting with other fiber devotees. I met a talented knitter who recommended Britex Fabrics (in SF) as THE place to get buttons.

Artfibers has a new customer!


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2 Responses to Swatching at Artfibers

  1. I look forward to it! I also have some of the yak fiber! I’ve never knit with yak, so that should be fun!


  2. MmmYarn says:

    An Artfibers visit is a wonderful experience and Tsuki is divine to work with. Enjoy making the scarf!


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