Goorin Brothers in SF: Hats Made in the USA

The large retail store I visited yesterday carried fedora-style hats made in China.  This afternoon, walking back up the hill to North Beach from the wharf area, I swung by Goorin Brothers North Beach Hat Shop (est. 1896,, on Stockton directly across from Washington Square Park.  We have purchased many hats from Goorin Brothers in the past – not only because their hats are amazing (both quality & style) and the customer service unsurpassed, but because half of the store features hats made in the USA.

These picture are a part of the side of the store that displays their hats made in the US; that’s Jacques in one of the pictures.  The sales folk do not make commission, and they all seem to love helping their customers find the “perfect” hat.  The hats range in price, are classic and perhaps even timeless and available in styles where everybody should be able to find the “perfect” hat.

Both Thor and I wear hats regularly – in the summer to avoid sun exposure (and stay cooler) and in the winter to stay warm.   I have an array of hats – from simple felted berets to large brimmed summer hats.  I tell all my single women friends (and keep in mind we’re all well over 40) that if they want to meet men, wear a stylish hat.  Every time I wear a “classic” hat (not a scrunchy beret or knit hat) – for instance, a straw cloche, an asymmetrical brim felted hat, a wide brimmed fedora or the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” style of hat – not only do strangers on the street stop to compliment my hat but three-fourths of those folks are male.  I have referred many people to Gorrin Brothers!

Thor wants me to note that we have no monetary interest/investment in Goorin Brothers (well, except what I’ve spent on hats).  🙂



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