More Mitts

I finished the prototype fingerless mittens I designed for the musician. Searching for a protein fiber (other than silk) that works for him (he wants warm woolen – no synthetic – fingerless mittens but most of the protein fibers irritate his skin), I used 100% machine washable baby wool (by Dale) leftover from a baby blanket I knit several years ago. Even though I knew they would be an experiment, I wanted a bit of pizzaz in them so I worked in a 3/3 cable on the top of the hand and mock cable ribbing.

Last night I over-dyed them in a dark green (Jacquard Acid Dye’s “Spruce”); the original color of the yarn was the color of a Granny Smith apple. After emerging from the dye bath I rinsed them several times with hair conditioner from Kiss My Face, then rolled them in a towel and put them out to dry. As soon as I was up this morning I checked the mittens. The color is gorgeous, and they feel soft and silky.

I just mailed them to the musician, so I now wait for his thoughts!


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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