Early this morning (well, early to me), my daughter texted me to ask if I would like the grandkids this afternoon.  I could read desperation between those lines of text – I remember those days!  As the grandkids would be here by 1 o’clock, I forced myself out of bed and into the shower.  Then, getting into the grandmother role, so I put breakables out of reach, decided not to vacuum (it generally looks as though I’ve had goats in the house after the kids leave), wound up all loose balls and skeins of yarn and put them in a big bowl, picked up an array of doublepointed needles that are everywhere (in pencilholders, on decorative trays, under the couch, and even in the bathroom), and started to make a big batch of chocolate chip mandelbread.  Using an Ulu knife, I chopped up 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate into small chips and started tossing ingredients into the KitchenAid.

I discovered, however, that I didn’t have enough white flour; I was one cup short.  So I routed through my stash of flours and discovered that while I had rye, whole grain, spelt, and buckwheat, I had no white flour.  I did find, however, an almost empty bag of white whole wheat flour, so I used that.

Concerned the group that I knew would descend on the mandelbread the moment they walked through the door might notice the “whole grain goodness” – even if it was only one cup – I thought making it a little sweeter might counterbalance (aka disguise) it.  I didn’t want to add any more sugar, so I tossed in some dried blueberries.

Here’s a picture of the some of the fresh mandelbread.  Chocolate chip mandelbread remains the  grandkids’ favorite baked good – over all cookies, cupcakes, pies and even ice cream.  (Mrs. Moskowitz should be pleased her recipe is so desired!)  My grandkids grab as many as they can possibly hold in their little hands and run outside to munch; Thor pops them like Pez while he works at his computer; and even my daughter and son-in-law (the workout queen & king) can’t resist them.  I wish I could eat as many as they all do, but as I long ago left childlong behind, I’m not workout royalty like my daughter and son-in-law and, though I ride my bike almost daily, I do not log as many miles as Thor … well, let’s just say at least I know everyone else enjoys the mandelbread.


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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