Antidotes to Technology Stresses

Yesterday I could no longer ignore my hard drive’s “glitches.”  So I dashed to a large box electronics store (the kind where I am exhausted after 15  minutes due to sensory overload) to buy a new drive.  On the phone, the young sales associate tried to convince me I needed a much larger (double in size) drive (I didn’t).  In person, there was no argument.  I then asked about installation.  What?!  Nearly $50 to have someone install the new drive and then another $100 to load software and another $100 to transfer files?  I don’t think so.  So in addition to my new disk drive, I left with a SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter.

Now keep in mind I have never switched hard drives, but I figured it couldn’t be all that difficult … so when I got home I found a Phillips head screwdriver and simply started unscrewing and removing plates etc. from my laptop until, voila, there it was!  The switch was actually easy to do.  (The hard part was keeping track of all the little screws.)

By 8 o’clock last night I had installed the operating system and transferred all my files from the old (now external) hard drive to the new one.  Finding the Outlook files was a challenge, but thanks to Thor I copied those over too.  This morning I’ve been loaded program files.  When I set up Outlook, and I was pleased to see it pulled up all the old files I had transferred to the new hard drive.  So when I opened Outlook, everything was there!

Now keep in mind I spenta lotof time yesterday staring at the screen … so I knit another glove and a half!


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