Fingerless Mitts with Gossamer

Last night I found the bag of yarn from which I pulled a couple of skeins to knit the last two pairs of fingerless mitts.  I was wrong – the yarn I used to knit the pairs of fingerless mitts wasn’t “Shimmer.”  It’s “Gossamer” from Knit Picks (100% Merino wool, laceweight, 50 g/440 yards), and I discovered I have four skeins left in Leprechaun, a variegated green. 

My daughter loves her pair (wore them to work today), and wants to knit a pair for her mother-in-law.  I thought I’d share the pattern here for anyone else who has some yarn that can be knit in a gauge of 26 stitches over 4 inches (in straight stitch) for fingerless mitts in a women’s size large or man’s medium. 

I held two strands of “Gossamar” together and knit on double pointed size 2 (U.S.).  The mitts used a total of 78 grams of the yarn.  I designed this pattern to fit a woman’s large glove size. 

  • Cast on 40, then K2/P2 ribbing circularly for 3-1/2 inches.
  • Switch to straight stitch and start thumb gusset, increasing 2 stitches alternate rows until you’ve added 15 stitches.
  • Knit 12 more rows, then put the 15 thumb gusset stitches on a stitch holder or length of yarn.
  • Going back to the body of the hand, cast on 2, join (so you’re knitting circularly), and knit 12 rows (this is the body of the hand).
  • Now knit 8 rows of K2/P2 ribbing.
  • Bind off (I used a #4 U.S. needle to bind off).
  • Going back to the thumb gusset, distribute the thumb gusset stitches on 3 needles, pick up 2 stitch from the body (where you cast on 2), then knit the thumb gusset circularly for 4 rows and, on the last two stitches of the  last row, K2 tog (16 stitches).
  • Then K2/P2 ribbing for 4 more rows.
  • Bind off (I used a #4 U.S. need to bind off).

Secure all hanging threads and close any gaps around the thumb gusset.  Enjoy!



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