Designing Gansey/Aran Sweaters

After borrowing and wearing a heavily cabled sweater I knit from llama long ago, the itchy musician I’ve mentioned in earlier posts told me that I was right:  He was warmer wearing a wool sweater than a couple of cotton sweatshirts!  (I wanted to say “duh!”) 

(People REALLY need to be better educated about fiber properties.  I’m continually amazed at people who bundle up against the 30 degree temperature by pulling on two cotton sweatshirts over a tshirt – and then they can’t figure out why they’re still cold!)

The musician decided he wants a sweater from wool – “something that looks like” the cabled sweater he borrowed.  I met with him, bringing with me a stack of books showing pictures of various cable and gansey designs.  He picked several designs he liked, but I was surprised he was more interested in the gansey designs than the aran.  (He’s paying for it, and I like knitting both, so that’s okay by me!) 

Last night I decided to draft out some ideas.  I prefer graphing out ideas by hand – something about the leisurely pace and the sound of the pencil scratching on the paper.  This time I decided to create a knitting graph template in Excel (Thor helped – he’s an Excel wizard) and started experimenting.


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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