Cables in the Interim

While the Itchy Musician and I work out what style sweater he wants – it’s down to a heavily cabled sweater vs. a gansey – I drew up plans to for using the Chelsea Silk yarn from my stash.  I have 610 grams of it, which comes out to 1,281 yards.  That’s not quite enough yarn I need to knit Thor the kind of sweater I know he’d like but more than enough for a vest.  

Yesterday I dragged out pictures of various cables so Thor could pick out exactly what he wants, but the  most definite he gave me was “whatever you think would look best” or “whatever you’d like to knit the most.”  But in the process I got a good sense of the kind of cabling he likes.  I decided to use the 40 stitch cable pattern (“panel with little framed lattice”) designed by Elsebeth  Lavold for the “Ragna” sweater in Viking Patterns for Knitting.  Last night I worked up gauge swatches in straight stitch; I liked the gauge I got with #6 needles.    Thor saw me knitting and commented on the “huge” needles.  He’s used to seeing me work on much thinner needles so the 6s were, by comparison, rather big.  🙂

Now I’m working up a swatch for the 16-row cable pattern, and once I’ve knit up a few repeats I’ll post a picture.

History of the Chelsea Silk in my stash:  About 10 years ago I knit up what was probably the most challenging pattern I had, at that time, undertaken.  I was thrilled to wear it when I went out to dinner with my daughter and her husband.  She took one look at it and burst out laughing, asking me what I was thinking to both knit it and wear it.  I was mortified so that night unraveled the whole thing.  The yarn’s been sitting in a bag in a box ever since.  Hopefully when Thor wears it, my daughter’s response won’t make me unravel Thor’s vest.  🙂


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