“Contagion” (movie) and Fiber

Thor and I just recently watched “Contagion,” a rather disturbing film.  We found it disturbing, no doubt, as it paints a picture of something that could indeed occur.  In the movie, Matt Damon (who’s immune), to keep his daughter safe from the contagion, effectively isolates her from the world outside their house.  (School has been cancelled but oddly their neighborhood still has power, water, cell service, cable and garbage pickup.) 

I pointed out that given my fiber stash, loom, spinning & carding supplies, sewing machine, knitting paraphernalia and home canned goods, we and the immediate family would be fine (as long as we had water, power, etc. that Matt Damon’s neighborhood retained in the face of the contagion.) 

Yes, we would definitely need electricity and, especially, WiFi, so Thor would be happy as a clam too.  Thor pointed out we might want to consider adding sacks of brown rice, dried beans, flour, yeast and a piano.  🙂


About sweatyknitter

Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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