Thor’s Vest & Penultimate

Last night I started Thor’s vest – the one I’m designing to use my stash of Chelsea Silk. Earlier this week I had sketched it out on paper (my usual approach) and did my calculations. Tonight I wanted to redo the sketches – this time using Penultimate on the iPad.

Using the stylus and sketching in Penultimate was great. I wasn’t so pleased, however, when I endeavored to graph out the 40 stitch cable. The squares on the graph paper that came with the program were too small to use with much ease. So I downloaded other graph paper (for a small fee) that worked well – except for the fact it didn’t have enough squares! At that point I decided to stop and start knitting.

I was unsure whether to knit in the round or flat. I knit my large gauge/cable swatch in the flat a few days ago so decided to knit the vest in the flat – that way I wouldn’t have to knit another swatch. (Note to new knitters: Most knitters find their gauges in flat and round differ. So if you’re going to knit your project in the round, knit your gauge swatch in the round as well.)

I knit the ribbing (2/2) on a size US4 then increased and switched to a US6. It is so much fun seeing the cables appear in the knitting, so it was difficult to put down!



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2 Responses to Thor’s Vest & Penultimate

  1. I am about 2/3s of the way through with the front piece – got carried away and knit a lot today! I think it will be gorgeous! Your cardigan looks like it is coming along nicely too! I look forward to see your field of embroidered flowers.


  2. Cheryl Marie says:

    Glad to hear you got the vest started! Penultimate sounds like a great tool. It’s been on my list to look for a sketching/designing tool. Good luck with the vest – can’t wait to see the finished product.


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