Cables & Hints for New Knitters

Much of today I spent knitting Thor’s vest. As you can see, the cable looks beautiful.

20120331-235918.jpg. I tend to get a little obsessive when I knit complicated cable patterns and am loathe to put the piece down. I love to see the cable develop row by row. This concerns Thor a bit because knitting too much in any one sitting tends to stress one of my wrists. (Ah, the joys of aging!). So tomorrow (today – given the time I’m posting this), is going to be a no-knit day (argh!) – at least I will try.

Notes for newer knitters (and their teachers): I heartily encourage mastering the art of cable knitting. Start out with a simple 2/2 braid and gradually tackle more complicated cables. When you start your first heavily cabled sweater, don’t be afraid to use markers at the beginning and end of cable patterns on each row. Sometimes it may be difficult counting rows, so you may find using a row counter very helpful. I prefer following a graphed chart, not row-by-row written instructions, but that’s always an individual choice. Reading graphed charts you will learn to “see” the cables. (When I have used written instructions, I graph it out before knitting the swatch.)


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5 Responses to Cables & Hints for New Knitters

  1. That is really tragic…


  2. I used to have all of them, and then in the last move I lost a box of books – and they were in it! 😦


  3. You must get the Barbara Walker books – Treasury of Knitting Patterns and so forth, there are 4 of them – I just LOVE them, they are full of great cables (and lace) and someone like you, who can work out their own pattern, is going to be in heaven!


  4. Thanks … but now I have to take away from the needles … I knit a lot yesterday. 🙂


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