Musician’s Sweater

Yesterday I took a break from knitting and typing so instead sketched out some design ideas for the sweater for the Itchy Musician.  He prefers a cardigan with cables (he’s really taken with Thor’s vest-in-progress), but can’t have any buttons that could scratch the back of the guitar when he’s playing.

So I pondered some ways to meet his needs.  I thought “zipper” (!) but immediately dismissed that idea.  (Unzipped, there’s the danger of the zipper teeth touching the guitar.) I thought of making the cardigan a wrap around with a knit belt and decided that was sloppier than what he was looking for.

Then I realized I could knit a regular button band with the buttons facing down (i.e., toward the wearer’s body) that would be buttoned into the opposite placket.  Then I could knit another placket – with some decorative stitch – that I would stitch over the placket with the buttons!

Any and all ideas welcome!   Please, if you’ve tried what I’m thinking of, let me know how it worked.  No sense in remaking the proverbial wheel!  🙂


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5 Responses to Musician’s Sweater

  1. Cheryl Marie says:

    I agree – buttons out of yarn might not be very masculine looking 🙂


  2. This man is uber careful with his instruments. He lets me play one of them from time to time, and I worry I’ll sweat or something. 🙂 I’ll be a fabric store next week and will check out the zippers …… wonder if a plastic one would be less worrisome to him.


  3. I’m thinking I’ll make the buttons face in AND knit a placket over it – maybe with a nice cable pattern or something. Have you ever seen the buttons made from the yarn of the sweater? I considered that too but it seems a little “girlie” for him. 🙂


  4. Cheryl Marie says:

    Having the buttons facing inward would be an interesting design. I’ve seen cardigans with plackets covering the buttons (facing the normal way) and it does create a sleek look. Good luck with your sketches – I’m working on some of mine own! Wish I was more of an artist 🙂


  5. I’ve seen plenty of musicians wearing cardigans. I don’t know what he’s worried about. 😉

    You could do a concealed zipper – sew the zip in behind the front edges so that when the two sides are together, the zip is invisible, and when the sides are separate, the edges are still covering the zipper teeth. Maybe fabric-covered buttons? They might still hit, but less likely to do damage.


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