Cable Needles

Artfibers again saved the day. Somewhere on my trip to SF, I lost my cable needle. In its place, I started using an 8 inch metal double point – the kind that can double for a weapon. While I generally derive great joy from knitting cables, trying to both keep hold of this needle while simultaneously ensuring I didn’t stab myself took away a lot of the pleasure.

As soon as I got to SF I popped over to Artfibers – that amazing store on Sutter (between Grant and Kearney) that blends and dyes its own yarn. (Also wonderful is that customers can buy by the yard!) I spoke with owner Roxanne Seabright who understood my angst from ttraveling with a cable knitting project without a cable need. Roxanne laughingly told me she once used a twist tie when she did not have a cable needle!

Roxanne did not have any of the type I usually use — the plastic cable needle with about a 3/4 inch dent in the middle. Years ago I experimented with three cable needles: the plastic hook type, the plastic dent type (Clover?) and the wooden straight kind (Brittany?). I’ve used the plastic dent type eve since, but Roxanne assured me the hook cable needles are great.

I have to admit that, though a little awkward for the first couple of rows, I now like it. I think it may be better than the kind I had been using because I can hook these into the project while I knit non-cabled rows.

While at Artfiber, I also bought some yak yarn (double stranded, one white and the other light brown). I will knit something for my son-in-law for his birthday. (I could kick myself! I wish I bought the t-shirt I saw at last year’s Black Sheep Gathering: Across the chest were the words “Got Yak?” It would have been great to use in lieu of wrapping paper for his birthday gift!)



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2 Responses to Cable Needles

  1. I am finding I have to pay more attention using the hook cable needle. That’s probably to be expected as I’ve used the plastic dented kind (there’s got to be a better term for it!) all my life! But Roxanne (the lady who owns Artfiber) was definitely right about the ease of putting the cable needle hanging out of the way while holding stitches waiting to be cabled.

    If you try it, here’s what Roxanne told me: Pull off the stitches with the short end (arm?) of the cable hook, but knit off the long arm. That been a very useful hint!

    Let me know what you think re hook vs. dent. 🙂


  2. I use the plastic dented cable needle too! I’ve been thinking about trying something new! I may have to pop over to my yarn store today.


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