New Yarns (& Tool)

Thor surprised me with a skein of Sweetgeorgia Cashsilk Lace (45% cashmere, 55% silk, 55 g/400 y). That’s the blue yarn in the picture; the yarn color is called “nightshade.” I love making neck scarves out of sumptuous yarns like Cashsilk. (Right now I’m wearing one I knit out of qiviut – another gift skein from Thor.)

Thor also got me a four cone holder made by Harrisville Designs. This is great for weavers! I had been using melamine mixing bowls to hold cones when warping. Of course Thor (ever patient) heard me complaining about cones jumping out of the various bowls or knocking the bowls over and then rolling across the floor. Voila! No more!

You will see there’s a cone in this picture. It’s Yaqui (100% yak, 61 g/300 y) by Artfibers in San Francisco. Yaqui is two-plied brown and cream, and both plies are natural colors. The ply is very balanced. (This will be made into a birthday gift for my son-in-law.)

Thor’s vest from Chelsea Silk is moving forward. I’m now working on the back piece. Thor and I decided the vest would be better if it were a little wider (my original hunch), so after I finish the back and front pieces, I will knit two long cabled pieces that will fit between the long sides of the front and back pieces. Actually, I think that will make the vest far more interesting from both detail and construction perspectives!


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2 Responses to New Yarns (& Tool)

  1. I encourage you to treat yourself! While a sweater out of a good cashmere will be pricey, you can make yourself a lovely scarf for under $30-40 (depending on the cashmere and blend). And you will probably LOVE working with the fiber in your hands! 🙂


  2. lisaridley says:

    The yarn is a beautiful color and it sounds sumptuous to knit. I’ve not tried knitting cashmere or silk yet but love the idea of it running through my fingers.


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