Knitting in a Nutshell

Last night Thor asked for a knitting lesson. I was happy to oblige but first asked what he remembered from the lesson I gave him some 20 years ago. Nothing. 🙂 Anyway …

When my daughter was little, she regularly wanted to “help” me knit. She would climb up onto my lap, watch me knit, put her hands under mine and feel me knit, and then knit by herself, following my verbal instruction. She loved to do that and was always excited to work on an in-progress project. I didn’t worry about errors; I just let her knit away until she didn’t want to do it any more. After she went to bed I would rip out her knitting and reknit and the next morning she would proudly inspect “her knitting” from the night before.

Now Thor doesn’t fool that easily 🙂 but he has extremely good small motor function abilities so I knew he could do it. While I didn’t have him sit on my lap, we pretty much followed what I used to do with my daughter.

Working on the vest I’m in the process of making him (out of Chelsea Silk), I taught Thor the knit stitch in the Continental manner. The most challenging part for Thor was fighting against his tendency to hold the pointer finger on his left hand straight and away from the needles and yarn.

I have noticed that most new knitters, when I teach them the Continental style, do that. I try to impress upon them that the knitter has much more control over the stitches when s/he keeps the yarn and left needle against the left pointer finger.

As he finished a row, Thor commented: “So basically I’m making new loops from the existing loops.” Yup, that’s knitting in a nutshell!



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