Juggling Multiple Projects; Seeing Beyond a Picture

I always have multiple fiber-based projects going on at any one time.  I like choices.  Do I feel like knitting cables or a sock?  Would I rather warp my loom or spin?  Are my fingers itching for a luxurious cashmere or a crisp wool?

While I haven’t yet finished the cabled vest for Thor, today I started working on ideas for a cardigan.  I have many skeins of a green Donegal Tweed (worsted weight) with Thor’s name on it.  I think I bought it about 15 years ago and over the years have tried knitting it into several different cabled sweaters.  After unraveling four almost-finished sweaters, I decided I simply didn’t like the look of me in green tweed – even if it’s a nice yarn.

So today I for some reason decided to peruse my growing collection of PDF files of knitting patterns and stumbled across a ribbed cardigan designed by Kate Kuckro fromInterweave Knits Gifts, Holiday 2006.  I thought the style would work very well on Thor.

His response when I showed it to him was:  “The yarn looks scratchy.  And I don’t see any cables.”

I think he forgot about the Donegal Tweed.  (The pattern calls for Classic Elite’s Montera, and I don’t have a single skein of that.)  And given his love of the cables in his vest-in-progress, I had already promised to put cables in the cardigan.  I guess he was worried I’d forget about the cables.

So sometime this week I will dig out a skein of the Donegal Tweed and knit up gauge and pattern swatches for fun.  Lest you think I’m domineering, I should tell you that over the last month I have showed him pictures of about 100 different cables, but he wouldn’t commit to any, leaving that to me.

Okay then … vertical rows of hearts maybe?  🙂


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1 Response to Juggling Multiple Projects; Seeing Beyond a Picture

  1. Cheryl Marie says:

    I am ALWAYS juggling multiple projects 🙂 I think that’s what keeps me interested!!! Especially when I’m working on some bigger items – i just tend to get bored knitting the same pattern for too long!


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