Knitting at the Beach

This morning I took a peek at the few rows of cabling I tackled while in the grip of yesterday’s headache. Well, I had to unravel and reknit a few rows! (Lesson learned: No cable knitting when battling a severe headache.)

Later the grandkids were over, and, after putting a batch of chocolate chip mandelbread in the oven, my granddaughter sat on my lap for her first knitting lesson. (I have grand hopes she’ll be a knitter!)

We went to the river later, and I sat in the sand knitting while the kids splashed and threw rocks. A lady with a big black lab came up to ask about my knitting. While the kids and the dog amused themselves with a tennis ball, the woman (another knitter) and I chatted.

She was very surprised I was knitting with a silk-wool blend. (Thor’s vest out of Chelsea Silk.)

“What,” she said, “but there’s sand all over it! Aren’t you worried that’ll ruin it?”

Ahhh, not at all. We had a nice chat. Turns out she has knit only with acrylic and always has been afraid to use anything else.

Not any more!


About sweatyknitter

Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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