Couldn’t Resist Any Longer: Cashmere-Silk

I’m at the part on Thor’s cabled vest where I need to measure, knit, fit, remeasure, rip out, reknit, etc. in order to get the perfect fit. I tend to work from a sketch and ideas and follow my fingers, not a real pattern, which means sometimes there’s the proverbial step backforward for every two steps forward.

I’ve been trying to write down what I’ve been doing, but I leave a lot of blanks (you know – along the lines of “use a pattern you like and knit until it looks right”). This doesn’t bother me, but it does mean I can’t give the pattern to any of my friends. And I’ll be honest, with my instructions like that I rarely knit the same item twice (at least so they’re identical).

But in the interim, the Cashsilk Lace (sweetgeorge yarns) has been winking at me from its place at the top of a pile of yarns in a large beautiful handmade bowl (capable of holding several hundred grams of wool) in the living room. Earlier today’s I looped the skein around my neck, just to feel its luciousness. I couldn’t resist any longer.

I pulled out another set of needles and will lay down the groundwork for a Faroe Island style lace shawl. Thor thinks it will be gorgeous; so do I.


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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1 Response to Couldn’t Resist Any Longer: Cashmere-Silk

  1. Ooooh, cashmere silk sounds just lovely!


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