Knitting & Environs

Like many knitters, I am flexible as to where I knit: planes, trains & automobiles; cafes & parks; in bed or at the kitchen table.

Earlier this afternoon I enjoyed the opportunity to knit in one of my favorite environs: Puccini’s – an Italian cafe in San Francisco frequented by both locals and tourists, probably more locals than tourists. (The name gives you a clue as to the composer of much of the music played there!) I ordered my usual (non-fat, decaffeinated latte), and sat quietly and knit. As I knit, I read the news on my iPad and, from time to time, listened to snatches of other customers’ conversations as they noshed on delicious-smelling Italian meals, sipped hot espresso drinks and talked about current events, art and music.


I sat, content and comfortable, as my fingers felt Thor’s sweater grow. A very satisfying knitting experience.

Where do you like to knit?!


About sweatyknitter

Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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3 Responses to Knitting & Environs

  1. jenyjenny says:

    My favorite place is the couch while watching Tv. I’m still new at it, so being out in public knitting can be distracting for me and I’ll be in danger of screwing up and having to frog a lot.


  2. Hmmm … are you sure they’re looks of consternation? Maybe it’s admiration – or jealousy! 🙂


  3. Beyond my room, I love knitting outside. I live near a tourist destination, too, and love seeing the looks of consternation I get as a young ‘un knits!


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