Thor’s Sweater & Gauge

After checking my knitting this morning, I was reminded that I broke my long time rule never to knit cables when I am tired. 😦 I had to redo a few rows.

BUT I am nearing completion of Thor’s vest. Wanting to check sizing (etc.), I basted the two pieces (back & front) together, and Thor slipped on what is effectively just a big tube. It fits great, though the fitting confirmed I need to knit a couple more rows before I start the front neck shaping. If I don’t, I fear he’ll have a sweater vest that looks like it has a daring décolletage – something I can guarantee he will not like. 🙂

I checked all the dimensions to see how they reflected my original design notes. I was very careful, in its design, to separately calculate the gauge of the 40 stitch, 16 row cable pattern and regular straight stitch. When calculating rows of the cable pattern, I calculated the height of each 16 row repeat. The attention to design details was worth it: Everything came out as I had calculated.

Reminder to all knitters – not just newer knitters but us long-time ones too as we sometimes feel confident we can predict our gauge – always knit gauge swatches before starting the project. If I had been knitting fewer stitches per inch than my design called for, the vest would have been too big. If I were knitting more stitches per inch, the vest would have been too small.



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2 Responses to Thor’s Sweater & Gauge

  1. You can imagine why I am such a stickler for swatching … I have some bad results in the past when I thought I could gestimate. 🙂


  2. Curls & Q says:

    The vest is wonderful! Thor is lucky. Great advice about swatting!


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