Pixie Sticks: Where are yours?

I have a lot of knitting needles – as no doubt many of you do too.  Thor calls them”pixie sticks” – I’m not sure why, but I think it’s rather cute!  I can’t remember ever seeing a picture of a pixie knitting, but I did find a Pixie Knits and Pixie Knitwear, both out of the U.K.

After a lifetime of knitting – well, you can imagine my stash of needles.  (By the way, did you know Addi Turbos have a lifetime warranty?  My favorite size 7 is an Addi Turbo, and the needle is dented because I shut it in the car door.  I wonder if that qualifies it for a manufacturer’s replacement?)

One summer in Norway I read an article in some magazine (another one of my grandmother’s ladies’ journals) with patterns for creating my own knitting needle storage.  I walked into town and bought some fabric, went home and pulled out my grandmother’s sewing machine, and made both of these:  En Fast Plass (trans: one regular/secure place).  My grandmother liked them too, so I walked back into town, bought more fabric, and made two more for her.  When I returned to the U.S., I accidentally left mine in Norway, and my grandmother wrote to tell me she was using all four, and was that okay.  (Like I was going to say no, send mine right away?!)  That was the end of my needle organizing.

I keep double pointed needles and crochet hooks in a couple of cups on various bookshelves.   In addition to a selection of mismatched double pointed needles, this cup also holds a pair of reading glasses, two yellow highlighters and an emery board.  (I see a crochet hook and a couple of fortunes from Chinese take out next to the cup.)

For a while I tried to organize my double points into these plastic containers whose intended purpose, I believe, was as pencil boxes for school children.  Well, this only sort of works.  Not all my double point needles fit into the box; not only do I have too many sets but they are varying lengths.  That means only some of the sets reside in this box, and that I can’t shut it.  I have three such boxes.

My circulars?  I keep those in small boxes and ziplocks in the large black box in the bottom of the left picture.  (The blue box on top has various fiber-related notions.)  But I also have many storage boxes each filled with bags of yarn.  In those bags are more circular needles on which hang gauge swatches.

Thor isn’t bothered by my disorganized approach to fiber work. He is accustomed to seeing needles stuck in every conceivable place – as long as I don’t stick them in the couch cushions he’s okay with it.  He claims he can tell which room I’ve been in most recently by the pieces of yarn scattered about.  (Yes, he has made remarks about my version of a trail of crumbs!)

So how do you – or do you – organize your needles?


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22 Responses to Pixie Sticks: Where are yours?

  1. Oh wow … I didn’t think I could get replacements when I damage them by, say, shutting them in a car door! Good to know – thanks!


  2. handstitch says:

    I got some plastic ones at Goodwill earlier this year. What was I thinking? My hubby told me I can no longer “collect” old things! I have all sorts of organizers, boxes, storage bins, for my needles–but they don’t stay there…but, everywhere! And I love my Addi and won’t change just ‘cuz the life-time warranty which I had cashed in a few times from them bending over mesh bistro tables, me sitting on them….the rep in Seattle is wonderful.


  3. Truly great minds do think alike. 🙂


  4. Lantern Moon makes such beautiful items! I have so many needles that I think I would need multiple cases. I like the idea of having everything ready to grab and shove in a case as you dash to the train or airport, though. I can’t do that without serious needle hunting beforehand! 🙂


  5. agujasblog says:

    My husband once gave me one of those silk needles cases from Lantern Moon and I keep all my needles – straight, circular, double-pointed, crochet – in it. It also has a zippered pouch where I keep notions. I like having everything in one place and the case is also good for travel.


  6. iknead2knit says:

    Organized? Ziplocks and odd jars that interest me, then maybe twice a year I get a burst of “I’m turning these from WIPs into FOs if it kills me”. Then, I get distracted by all the forgotten stash and vow to get organized tomorrow.


  7. I’ll expect picture. 🙂


  8. atomiclulu says:

    mine just seem to work their way down into the abyss. I need to truly go through and dig them all out. I told myself today after reading this and geeking on “organization” on pinterest I was officially going to do something with my craft room this week.


  9. We’re all so different, but I’m happy to learn I’m not the only un-uber-organized knitter! (I couldn’t leave needles in cups when I had a cat – she would chew on the tips!)


  10. I have a craft box that I leave a lot of my circs and needles in. It has a few compartment levels that snap together (I really liked that). I can unsnap and take off only the compartment I need to look in. But that only works for those needles. For my straights, I have some old knitting bags I used to use with loops that keep the needles secured to the sides of the bags. It has a divider for knitting projects to go into the other side. But I haven’t used those bags in years. So, my straights just stay in there until I need a pair. I would love (LOVE!!) to be able to set up some nice vases and keep them around like that though…Maybe this summer I can reorganize and try that out!


  11. I know what you mean … I finished a wall hanging the day after my daughter was born. It was about 10 more years until I mounted it and could hang it on the wall. 😦


  12. Cleio says:

    I fear it will end up being a long term project for me as well : ) With a newborn baby in the house I don’t get around to sewing much. Eventually, I hope!


  13. Yes yes! I find needles in every bag of yarn I’ve stashed away. I think it’s easy for me to overlook them because they’re generally circular so fold up quietly and stay still! 🙂


  14. atomiclulu says:

    What is this crazy thing you speak of? Organization pshaw 🙂 I have to find a way to get them in line. I am always having to order more because I have “lost” a pair. Which roughly translates to (shoved in a WIP that is somewhere in the bucket of yarn).


  15. For 20 years I’ve been telling myself I should sew a couple of more cloth needle rolls (for lack of a better term) … haven’t yet. 😦 Let me know if you do and how it works!


  16. Good way to recycle! 🙂


  17. Or “wound from the same skein” !?


  18. “Like flowerless blooms” … beautiful!


  19. Tracey says:

    Mine are in two vases on my desk, like flowerless blooms waiting to be plucked…


  20. Oh my goodness, we knitter’s are all cut from the same cloth 😀 And my husband is also wonderful about knitting debris…he’s surrounded all the time!


  21. Summer Larson says:

    I use a wine bottle container for many of my straight needles…works great!


  22. Cleio says:

    I’ve my knitting needles in an old biscuit tin. Doesn’t work that well either. I love the look of that roll. I figure I should be able to construct something like that for mine.


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