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Wimples & Haps

Head coverings of any kind had obvious uses throughout time: protection from the weather – whether it be sun, rain, snow, sleet, or wind. But they also had other significance. For instance, in Europe in the early Middle Ages, it … Continue reading

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Hats Off!

The other day my fellow fiber bloggers at Curls & Q suggested I write a post about hats.  Are hats making a comeback?  I think they are, but Thor thinks it’s fashionable only for the young.  He looks great in short-brimmed … Continue reading

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Are You a Knitter or a Crocheter?

My friend Summer Larson is an avid crocheter and designs and makes baby hats for girls and boys that I admire.  (She’s got a great eye for color, too.)  Summer knits too but prefers crocheting. I am a knitter who can crochet … Continue reading

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Knitting My Way to a Date

Over three decades ago, emergency surgery came on the heels of separation from my daughter’s father. Recovering from both, I was both a heart- and physically sore newly single (and scared) 23 year old parent. Of course I swore it … Continue reading

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Knitting and Crocheting in the 1960s

The other day I blogged about using historical CPI data to compare the price of various textile/craft magazines and its advertised goods. Today I went back to the magazines for a second look. The picture below on the left is … Continue reading

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to Vix Knits for nominating me as a recipient of the Sunshine Blogger Award!   It is awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere,” and, as such, I am both flattered and honored. There are … Continue reading

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Pinner, Pins & Needles

Pins is British English for what is needles in American English. It’s pinner in Norwegian. Close, no? As some words in English and Norwegian are close (in sound) and because my mother had a rather, umm, creative approach to mastering … Continue reading

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