Making Yarn From a T-Shirt

A creative young crocheter shared her way of making rag yarn. FYI!


Ever gone through your old clothes and realized you have about 20 t-shirts from college events, football games, and vacations, none of which have even been picked up in about 5 years? Well then…

I’ll show you how to turn this…


into THIS!


It’s a pretty easy project, but I’ve got a lot of pictures, so it should be pretty clear, and we’ll go through it step by step!

1. Fold your T-shirt in half, sleeve to sleeve.


2. Cut off the top half, directly under the sleeves. I used a ruler to feel out where the sleeve seams ended, and draw a line marking that, for a guide.


3. Take the bottom piece and then re-fold it once, twice, or three times (depending on what your scissors can cut through) leaving about an inch of the t-shirt at the top. Then, cut off the bottom seam. If the…

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9 Responses to Making Yarn From a T-Shirt

  1. ddlollybabe says:

    sure will.. ❤ 🙂


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  3. If the grandkids were a little older, I’d set them to cutting up tshirts … but I have a feeling it’d turn out more like confetti. 🙂


  4. If you try it, be sure and post about it. 🙂


  5. ddlollybabe says:

    never tot bout it..tq for ur great idea!! xoxo


  6. I haven’t seen anything knit from it, but the idea is intriguing. Reminds me a bit of making rag warp for weaving rag rugs. The t-shirt yarn might knit up into a nice bath mat. ??


  7. Yes!! I love t-shirt yarn. Never made anything with it. But I still think the projects that I’ve seen made with it are so modern looking-without the modern price-tag, lol!


  8. I’ll bet … I’d never heard of this before. I imagine it could crochet up into a cute bathmat!


  9. Curls & Q says:

    This has been on my list of things “to do”. I’ve been looking at the knitted fabric sites! 😎


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