Phrases and Acronyms Appropos for Fiber Craft Lovers

Today my friend Summer and I visited two yarn stores in Elk Grove, California:  Anna’s Yarn Shoppe and Knitique. Both stores had friendly owners who, if needed, were ready to answer questions, make suggestions, or help.  Both stores carried excellent yarns, notions and patterns.

Between reading buttons and bumper stickers today and then remembering others we had seen, Summer and I realized there’s a list of “sayings” fiber craft lovers can own – and indeed they have.  On the way home, we compiled quite a list (my favorite is STABLE):

“Spinners do it with a twist.”
“Handspinners are twisted.”
“Crocheters do it with chains.”
“I’m a knotty hooker.”
“Fiber artists use fuzzy logic.”
“Not all magic wands are pointy little sticks.”
“I will dye laughing.”
“Yarn ho.”
“No knitting, All bitching!”
“You’re going to die anyway, so you might as well knit.”
“Knit happens.”
“I’m a thread head.”
“Walk softly a carry a big hook.”
“Tailgate at your own risk: I’m knitting.”
“Knitters do it on the couch.”
“Feel safe at night; sleep with a knitter.”
“Happy hooker.”
“S.A.B.L.E:  Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy.”
“Old knitters never die.  They just come unraveled.”

Now I am sure we only scratched the surface … who will add to this list?!


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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20 Responses to Phrases and Acronyms Appropos for Fiber Craft Lovers

  1. Oh my … that’s a winner! 🙂


  2. sparklesness says:

    I had a bracelet that said ‘I knit therefore I am’, unfortunately I lost it.
    The next one I bought says ‘I knit so you get to live’


  3. “Yarn ho” ? OMG lol
    Yeah, regular sitting is just boring. I need some needles or hooks. 😉



  4. LOL! This is awesome! 🙂


  5. MmmYarn says:

    Stitches West had a booth with a couple dozen of funny fiber craft phrases on buttons and stickers. I ended up with “Spinning: because knitting is not weird enough.”


  6. Well, so do crocheters and needlepointers! 🙂


  7. Oh dear … be careful where you say that … you may get some odd looks!


  8. Ha! Love these! Especially the naughty ones… Knitters do it on the couch!


  9. I would love to get a couple in bumper sticker form!


  10. Yup, I do not understand people who sit and do NOT knot or crochet!!! Or tat, spin, needlepoint … 🙂


  11. agujasblog says:

    Those are great! Had a good chuckle.


  12. I think I’m already unravelled. And yes, knitting is definitely sitting for creative people! 🙂


  13. I’ll have to get a bigger car so I won’t be forced to settle for only one or two bumper stickers. 🙂


  14. minaandme says:

    I’ve never seen yarny bumper stickers before, but I would certainly buy one!


  15. summerlarson says:

    Yes, I’ll admit it…I’m a happy hooker!


  16. Thank you … out of the list, we share that favorite! Be sure and read the post right after yours – “Knitting is sitting for creative people.” That’s a great one too! 🙂


  17. Oh I LOVE “KNITTING IS SITTING FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE …” Do I hear bumper stickers??!??!!!


  18. minaandme says:

    How fun! I love little things like that 😀 I have heard a few of those and learned a few new ones! I can add two things. One is from a shirt one of my friends has. It says “If I’m not sittin’ I’m knittin’!” The other is from a comic I love called Sheldon. “Knitting: It’s sitting for creative people!”


  19. tgonzales says:


    I love these sayings and I was just thinking today that there is probably no way that I can ever crochet all of my yarn into projects. SABLE is my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing,


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