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Holiday Angsts

I have already started knitting and weaving Christmas gifts; birthday gifts I make all through the year. I don’t really even celebrate Christmas, but my daughter and her family as well as many of my dearest friends do. As I’ve … Continue reading

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Paper, Brain or Electronic?

After reading Aguajas‘s post from the other day, I opened my Vogue Knitting App to check out the stash feature discussed in the blog.  Putting my stash information into VK’s app seems as though it would take way more time than I … Continue reading

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Artificial Yarn (Part 1): Rayon from Wood

Like many self-admitted fiber crafters, I endeavor to avoid yarn and garments made from non-natural fibers. Rayon, which comes from wood (pine, spruce or hemlock), or cotton pulp, is sometimes called “the laboratory’s first gift to the loom.” Rayon is … Continue reading

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Dyeing With Mormor

For the last couple of months I have been trying to get granddaughter F interested in knitting. As many of you thought, four years old might be too young. I now think so too – at least with F; she’s … Continue reading

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A Package from New Zealand

Years ago I used to pick up old fiber magazines from antique stores.  I don’t think I paid more than $1 for any of them.  When I returned to California from the East Coast and trying to lighten my load … Continue reading

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Blog Awards

I started blogging in February of this year and am flattered to have been nominated by fellow bloggers for several awards.  Generally, the recipients of each award are asked to follow several steps, including:  visiting the award site and thanking your … Continue reading

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Knitting Contest: Win a Trip to New Zealand

After exchanging e-mails with blogger koruknits about New Zealand’s possum situation and using possum fiber, she brought this opportunity to my attention.  Click here for more information about the contest.  (Pic from that site.) Win a Trip to New Zealand! Calling all … Continue reading

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