Knitting Contest: Win a Trip to New Zealand

After exchanging e-mails with blogger koruknits about New Zealand’s possum situation and using possum fiber, she brought this opportunity to my attention.  Click here for more information about the contest.  (Pic from that site.)

Win a Trip to New Zealand!

Calling all designers: Now is your chance to shine. Introducing the Vogue Knitting Design Contest sponsored by Zealana, focusing on their luxurious yarns. The grand prize winner will receive an all-inclusive trip to New Zealand, and all winners will be featured in a future issue of Vogue Knitting. Winners will be announced at the Vogue Knitting LIVE New York Gala Dinner on January 19, 2013. The deadline for entries is November 30.


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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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8 Responses to Knitting Contest: Win a Trip to New Zealand

  1. ordinarygood says:

    Wow that tax burden you would get hit with is very off-putting:-((


  2. Yes indeed – as Thor hurried to point out to me. :)He estimated it would increase my tax burden by $5-7,000!


  3. Wow! Great info, but I’m worried about how I’d get socked with the taxes if I actually won! Still, it’s nice to think about! 🙂


  4. tgonzales says:

    Yes that would be a drawback for me too (if they wanted crochet items). LOL


  5. I was excited b/c I actually am working on an original design in Rimu, but then I read the reqs – they want garments! 😦


  6. tgonzales says:


    Darn it (no pun intended)! I thought I would maybe enter this contest but sadly, I’m a crocheter and have designed many crochet items but not knitted items. Oh well maybe they will have a contest for crocheters and their crochet magazine. I love to look at Vogue Knitting; it’s so very different and outlandish at the same time. Thanks for sharing the link.



  7. ordinarygood says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for reblogging this design opportunity highlighting my lovely country and the divine Zealana yarns. Looks like the winners will also get to go to NY as well as NZ……Good luck to anyone planning on entering.


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