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Picking Lint

Thanks to Netflix, I can watch documentaries while I knit.  Currently I am halfway through Ken Burns’s “Civil War” (1861-1865).  As I used to teach in women’s studies, I am always interested to see how women are portrayed by the … Continue reading

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Felting vs. Fulling

What are felting and fulling, and how do they compare? Felting: As Bette Hochberg explains in Fibre Facts, felting “is the traditional method of making non-woven fabric” using unspun sheep wool (e.g., from batts or rovings). Other protein fibers can … Continue reading

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“So Last Century”

In an email exchange with the creative fiber artist, designer and blogger Kiwiyarns, I told her that I had decided to never again wear dark business suits: I don’t think they’re flattering, and they make me look as if I’m … Continue reading

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Shearing Sheep

We lived in Oregon for a large chunk of the ’90s. After adjusting to the change experienced from leaving the San Francisco Bay Area, I fell in love with Oregon. Of course, it has a an amazing fiber-related culture: wool … Continue reading

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Beyond Artificial Yarns: Synthetics

As noted in two earlier posts, artificial yarns are made from a natural substance (e.g., wood or bamboo). In contrast, synthetic yarns come from a man-made (woman-made?) goo that is forced through holes into the air, forming threads. These threads … Continue reading

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Artificial Yarn (Part 2): Rayon from Bamboo

Another popular artificial yarn is anything with bamboo in it. After reading about the technology for chemically manufactured bamboo fiber using hydrolysis alkalization and multi-phase bleaching technology, … let’s just say I was very surprised. According to the bloggers at … Continue reading

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The Importance of Yarn Weight

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a large, well-known yarn store in California. As Thor parked the car, my eyes hungrily drank in the yarns and knit goods hanging in the windows. Stepping into the store, I was impressed … Continue reading

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