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Care & Cleaning of Woolens (Sweaters by Hand): Part 3

When you want to wash a woolen sweater by hand: Fill your kitchen sink or some sort of large container with tepid water. If your woolen’s very dirty, you could increase the temperature of the water. You don’t want to … Continue reading

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Care & Cleaning of Woolens (Suits): Part 2

Wool lends itself to easy “spot cleaning” without washing the whole item. In the old days, wool suits received little sponge baths (focused on soiled areas) in between full-scale cleanings.  Women would also get their tea pots boiling furiously and … Continue reading

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Care & Cleaning of Woolens: Part 1

All of us know people who prefer clothes made from cotton, synthetic or artificial yarns, because – they fear the care or cleaning of woolens (and silks). Surprisingly, though raised by my grandmother in Norway (and mormor was a master … Continue reading

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Reader’s Appreciation Award

I was very flattered to receive an email from Kyred’s Blog telling me she selected me as one of the recipients of the Reader’s Appreciation Award!  I immediately wrote her and thanked her but – swamped with the release of Yarn … Continue reading

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A 20 Year Unfinished Project?!

One of my friends used to tell me stories of her upbringing in Ireland. As a child, one of her responsibilities was to take old knit sweaters, carefully unravel them, reskein the yarn and then wash the skeins in preparation … Continue reading

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Butternut and Grey in the Civil War

I have been watching Ken Burns’s 9-episode “Civil War.” In one of the episodes, the narrator said that the Confederate soldiers wore “grey and butternut” and the Union soldiers wore “blue.” In reality, it was a little less clearcut as … Continue reading

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Swatching in an Unusually Warm San Francisco

We just experienced the year’s record heat in SF: 91F/38C! Thor and I took a (very) long walk along the Marina beach to Fort Point (built 1853-1861) built beneath the Golden Gate. (We took this picture with our backs toward … Continue reading

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