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I don’t mean to keep beating the proverbial dead horse, but … 🙂 Advertisements

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Art & Craft Fairs

I regularly attend art and craft fairs – not just to see what others are doing but also to chat with artists and make some purchases! On Friday we attended the Crocker Art Museum‘s annual holiday art and craft fair in Sacramento.  … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Memories

Yesterday I enjoyed reading American bloggers’ sweet and often beautiful posts on Thanksgiving Day.  I decided to wait until “Black Friday” to share some of my American holiday memories out of respect for those people.  🙂  You’ll see what I … Continue reading

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The Big Ones, Part III: Yak

Got yak?! Many fiber artists and crafters have worked with yak (Bos grunniens for the domesticated yak, Bos mutus for the wild yak). The yak is in the bovine family (so is related to cows) and native to Central Asia. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday – Hurra for Deg som Fyller Ditt ĂĄr!

Today I woke Thor up by an enthusiastic rendition of the Norwegian birthday song, “Hurra for Deg som Fyller Ditt ĂĄr!” (Click here to hear a more polished performance than mine.) I couldn’t wait for him to open his gift! … Continue reading

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The Big Ones, Part II: Bison (aka Buffalo)

First, of course, etymology!  Did you know that “buffalo” is the colloquial name for the  North American bison (Bison bison)?  I did not! Early French explorers called them “les boeufs,” meaning oxen or beeves (plural for beef – and a new word … Continue reading

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Pens for Ladies?

Bic (the pen company), came out with pens designed for women.  Here is Ellen DeGeneres’ response to it: I just had to share this with video! One has to wonder what in the world was Bic thinking.  Perhaps if the … Continue reading

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