Rest in Peace, Dave Brubeck

Brubeck1Legendary Dave Brubeck died this morning.

Dave Brubeck was a California native (born in Concord, attended University of the Pacific in Stockton, studied music at Mills College in Oakland).   Not surprisingly, he is in the California Hall of Fame.

Brubeck2I first discovered Brubeck in my early teens and wished I could play even a fraction as well as he.  (Few can, and I certainly couldn’t.)

Brubeck3I am playing Brubeck this afternoon and am reminded of my amazement first hearing his work when I was a teenager.  Listen to his classic Rondo a la Turk (1959).

Rest in peace, Dave.

(All pics from Wikipedia)


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3 Responses to Rest in Peace, Dave Brubeck

  1. …one day before his birthday!
    Great musician …will be missed!


  2. I remember my mother and father playing Brubeck and Desmond’s “Take Five” … and didn’t Desmond write that? Thankfully their music will be here for future generations to enjoy, listen to and learn from.


  3. I grew up listening to the Dave Brubeck Quartet, my dad’s all-time favorite. I love his music, and am especially fond of his version of the songs from West Side Story. Maria is incredible, featuring the fantastic and unmistakeable saxophone of Paul Desmond.


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