New Book!

CompendiumBarndenToday I received a copy of Compendium of Knitting Techniques by Betty Barnden.  Published in 2008, it’s had five (count ’em, 5), reprintings.  I haven’t yet read it thoroughly, but browsing through it I can see why it would be popular.

What an excellent book for beginner-intermediate knitters!  It touches on everything that a beginner knitter should master (e.g., reading patterns and charts, understanding pattern symbols), to move forward while simultaneously bolstering the skills of intermediate knitters (e.g., basic design principles, customizing to fit and advanced techniques).

As one of those professors who judged text books for her classes not just by their content but by their presentation, I still look for that in books designed to teach – particularly ones designed for the non-expert knitters.  Compendium has great (and colorful) pictures and drawings, clear instructions and examples, and is extremely well-laid out.

Kudos to Betty Barnden and her editorial team!


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18 Responses to New Book!

  1. Marie-Adeline says:

    of course


  2. Oh yes – along with instructions re where to buy etc. 🙂


  3. Marie-Adeline says:

    yes of course so I can have a surprise and got something I really want to have


  4. Marie-Adeline says:

    I make a wish list for my hubby weeks before Xmas or Birthday, so I can have a surprise and he’s sure of getting the right present too


  5. If it is your pattern, write the gauge and hook/needle you used for the pattern. (I have never made Amigurumi … are they knit or crocheted?!)


  6. From a learning perspective, I think it is extremely well laid out. If I were teaching beginning knitting to intermediate knitting, I would strongly recommend this book. 🙂


  7. I really, really, like this book! I had never seen it before … I’m wondering if it’s because it’s from a UK press and I’m in the US?


  8. I certainly think so! 🙂


  9. Do you give your family/loved ones the list when it gets close to your birthday?! 🙂 (I do!)


  10. Thank you! That book is on my nighttable, and as I read it more carefully last night, I was even more impressed with its content and layout!


  11. May I ask your advise? I am working on sharing my patterns and have a question with gauge or swatch. I notice now that I am writing it down, I use a hook or needle one or two sizes smaller than recommended on the yarn ball gauge instructions. This is particularly effective for the Amigurumis because it stops the stuffing from leaking out and keeps them “just right” My question is ” do I write up the yarn ball infomation for the gauge or make up a whole new one using the actual hook or needles I used.” Either way is fine by me, I just don’t want to confuse or disappoint people. Also I don’t have yarn pro yet but will be first in line when it comes out for ‘droid.


  12. jasmynsteele says:

    This is already added to my wishlist. Ps. I nominated you for an award. Congrats 🙂


  13. Marie-Adeline says:

    I should add it to my wish list …


  14. I’ve had an eye on that one too, I’m glad to hear that it’ll be worth it. 🙂


  15. I really, really want that book. : )


  16. Tina says:

    I have that book and it’s pretty good.


  17. Definitely take a peek. I was prepared to open the book and see the same-old-same-old approach, but this book impressed me! My daughter is a solid basic knitter but wants to increase her knitting skills. Finding time in her schedule, however, has been difficult. So I’m going to give her “homework” … this book to read!


  18. Oooh, I love such books! I’ll have to look for this one!


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