A Splash & Shine of Color

Still on the hunt for the fiber for the wrap for the mother-of-the-bride ensemble, my friend Naomi, my granddaughter F and I made a trip to Babetta’s Yarn Cafe – a wonderfully stocked and staffed LYS in Fair Oaks, California.

ZingYarnNaomiI tend to be on the conservative with color, preferring fiber (always natural), textural stitches and tailoring over colorful, novelty yarns.  Naomi is, well, simply amazing, courageous and brilliant with color.  So it was no surprise to me that, while I picked through muted lace weight silks, wools, alpacas, bamboo and all combinations thereof and granddaughter F played in the children’s section, Naomi’s keen eyes were immediately drawn to some of the fabulous colors and yarns I normally would not reach for.

Naomi was particularly attracted to a multi-stranded necklace crocheted out of two yarns (pic at left) held together:  Berroco’s “Seduce” (1.41 oz/40 g, 100y/92m, 47% rayon viscose, 25% linen, 17% silk, 11% nylon) and Mango Moon’s “Zing String” (pic to the left).   Zing String (75y/69m) is made up of two very thin cotton sewing threads onto which are hand-tied beads and stones.  It comes wrapped around a large section of bamboo.

ZingCaptivaThe stranded necklace was indeed lovely but “wasn’t me” – or at least I protested as Naomi shoved a cone of Zing String and a skein of Berroco’s “Captiva” (1.75oz/50g, 98y/90m, 60% cotton, 23% polyester, 17% acrylic).  into my hands.  Her response:  “Nonsense.  You have blue eyes and silver hair.  Make this, wear it with a black dress, and Thor will be dazzled.”

ZingcordNow I like to believe Thor is dazzled every morning as I pad around wearing his robe, my hair pulled back in clips in a size that rival Minnie Mouse’s ears.  (You’re probably wondering what’s the weather like on my planet.)  Thus motivated, I bought the skein of Captiva and cone of Zing String.  That night, using a fairly large crochet hook (US.H8/5mm/ UK6/Japan8), holding the yarns together, I made a slip knot and started crocheting slip stitches.

Naomi_blue2It definitely promises to be interesting.  The picture to the right is of Naomi’s finished necklace in the dark blue colors; she also made one in the wine colors (pic above).

One has to be a bit careful with Zing String.  At first I put it on a base I put weaving cones when I warp.  I soon moved it into one of my yarn bowls.  Neither worked well; the thread tends to catch on the stones/beads fairly regularly.  I found setting it next to me and gently pulling, stopping from time to time to coax the yarn out of its hold on stones/beads worked best.

I am not sure how I am going to transform it to a wearable piece of art.  Naomi and I brainstormed over dinner the other night.  We have ideas we’re experimenting on.  This weekend we’ll make some prototypes.

And in case you’re wondering, I also bought a ball of yarn for another swatch for the wrap-to-go-with-the-mother-of-the-bride-dress.  This time I’m trying an extremely fine and shiny 5-ply cotton in pink.


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14 Responses to A Splash & Shine of Color

  1. I have been wondering if they still make that Zing String, I’ve had some for a while now. Great idea with the necklace, maybe I’ll finally use mine! Have fun with it.


  2. kiwiyarns says:

    The initial chain looks lovely. It’s not too bright – that blue will be beautiful on you, I’m sure!


  3. Me to … I’m looking to what unfolds when we meet up this weekend to experiment!


  4. Naomi is much more adventurous than I with color and novelty yarns, so I will learn from her!


  5. And when they say it with such force, who are we to argue?!


  6. It was my first too. I think this weekend we are going to play around with it … we have a couple hundred yards of crocheted loops to work with!


  7. I’m looking forward to it … if everything turns out okay, I’ll be sure and post some picks. Naomi has SUCH a great eye for color and flair, I am sure to learn a lot from her!


  8. True … another friend once (bluntly) told me that I had a tendency to buy colors that made me look like a tall bran muffin.


  9. starproms says:

    Beautiful yarns, colours and some great ideas. Look forward to seeing more.


  10. I am enjoying watching this unfold. I love the ideas you are having.


  11. Good friends are always inspiring and always enable us to reach out of our comfort zones, that yarn is beautiful and so unusual! 🙂


  12. Tina says:

    I’ve not seen yarn like these, they’re gorgeous and what a wonderful idea!


  13. They’re gorgeous. I’m sure all will work out- can’t wait to see what you design.


  14. cleo14 says:

    Oooh I love the purple! I don’t think I would wear it either. But, that’s what best friends are for. Right? Mine’s the same way.


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