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Using a Japanese Pattern

I am not going to try to recreate the Japanese characters and their translations, but here are some tips from Margaret Heathman’s out-of-print Knitting Languages (p. 81) about using Japanese knitting patterns. (For a more complete discussion, at the end … Continue reading

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The Reductionist Pattern

In my previous post I shared a form of pattern writing that I have not seen much in the last couple of decades. In email conversations about this style, blogger cbkrug at home called it the “reductionist” style. While a … Continue reading

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A Closeup Look at an Old Norwegian Pattern

While I first learned to knit at age 5 or so, I was never given a pattern to follow. The knitters in my family were Norwegian women either living on farms or only one generation off the farm. Rooting around … Continue reading

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Knitting By Example

I have childhood memories of sitting on my dad’s lap and “teaching him” how to knit.  I remember he would half smile as he watched me, 5 years old, knitting so seriously.  While I do not recall that he ever … Continue reading

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Big Heads

I have always despised the knit and crochet hat patterns that boldly assert they fit the “average sized head.”  What is “average” and for whom?  In statistical language, an average is the central tendency of data, and the three most … Continue reading

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Tackling the Poorly Written Pattern

The pattern I tried to follow for the garment my granddaughter F wants (the gilet pictured to the right) drove me batty. My friend Naomi – the queen of color -gave me this button. The yarn is Verde Collection Seedling Hand … Continue reading

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On the Heels of “Anatomy of a Pattern”

I recently and for the first time had the opportunity to read The Knitting Collection ): “From the publishers of Yarn Forward (Knit) magazine. The Knitting Collection, 56 Stunning Patterns Inside!” It is curious (providential?) that I was given this … Continue reading

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