Rewriting Narrative to Neo-Norsk Pattern Construction

DewdropPictureDROPS Design offers a great number of patterns at no cost and in a great array of languages.  The patterns have schematics (which is useful) but are written in the narrative style.

A blogger asked me to demonstrate how to rewrite a narrative into the old Norwegian way.  As an example, I used DROPS pattern #139-25, and rewrote its narrative into what I am calling the “Neo-Norsk” way (until someone with a knack for more creative names suggests a better one!).

Using my PC (I use multiple platforms), I set up the chart in a Excel document.  Then I copied the Excel into a Word document.  I next changed the picture and schematic into jpg files and moved them also into the Word document.

Here is one page of the table and chart rewrite.

DewDropBlogPicWhat do you think? (All comments and input appreciated!)


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26 Responses to Rewriting Narrative to Neo-Norsk Pattern Construction

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  5. I am familiar with Budd’s work, but I haven’t seen that book. At your recommendation, I will take a look at it! I am so glad you enjoy my blog. 🙂

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  6. Klara says:

    Really? It is the Book I take with me on Vacations. All I need, is included. I make the decission on the style and Yarn, the Maths is done by Mrs.Budd! I Love that very much.
    It is different to your Tab, but the directions are short and clear. No word-to-word instructions.

    I have discovered your Blogg this Morning. It is fantastic! I’m very excited, and must digg for some hours to jump in!


  7. I have never looked at that book. Now I will have to take a look! Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂


  8. Klara says:

    Excel-Style Pattern are very very helpful for me! All Informations are clearly visible, during the whole process. (My Time for Knitting is very limited, and offen interrupted, because the Kids need me more:). When picking up my Knitting once again, I need only little orientation, and can go on.

    The Book “The Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters”from Ann Budd is made in this “Excel-Style”, and I prefer it very much.


  9. You’re very welcome 🙂 My pleasure! ❤


  10. Oh my! Thank you!

    ____________________ Sent from my iPhone


  11. I like the Neo-Norsk instructions. And that’s a lovely cardigan too 🙂 … I’ve also nominated your blog for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! Click here for more info: wonderful-team-member-readership-award-nominees ❤


  12. Great! I would love to see how it turns out!


  13. Thanks. I’m going to start doing that as well. It’ll DEFINITELY save on ink! 😀


  14. Oh yes indeed!


  15. Oh my goodness, I am so flattered. Thank you! I checked out your debut announcement … I look forward to buying the Koala pattern for a crocheting friend of mine! I’ve never seen her do amigurumi, but I have no doubt she will be excited to try something new!


  16. Yes, I am going to knit it up – using the ruby-colored yarn from the unraveled Ysolda Teague project – and see how it works. 🙂


  17. And it’s something you can adjust to your needs (e.g., add more information).


  18. Well I think so! I am glad you find it easy too! 🙂


  19. I think the beginning knitters who don’t learn the pattern-based method would have no problem with it. I learned to knit when I was 5, and the only patterns I ever saw were the old Norwegian graph/chart patterns. I didn’t learn to read U.S. patterns until I was in my 30s. But you make a good point: if someone is fine with the narrative versions, this might APPEAR intimidating. 🙂


  20. I have a question…can this also be applied to crochet? I don’t knit at all but I love the practicality of this format.


  21. I think it is clear and succinct. I finally have my first amigurumi pattern up and I have named my first Koala, Weaver after your blog. Check it out when you have time. 🙂


  22. jengolightly says:

    I could definitely work from this method! So thought provoking and how kind of you to take the trouble to write it out! I hope it’s a design you intend to make, very pretty!


  23. I also find this very straightforward and and easier than loads of text…and am still a fairly new knitter…!


  24. Curls & Q says:

    Q – Great! This is so easy to follow.


  25. HannahDavis says:

    That is so cool! Thanks for putting so much time into these. They’re so handy and I love that there aren’t tons of pages to rifle through. I suppose these wouldn’t be for beginning knitters, who may prefer the long written out versions, but I really do think that your way is efficient and effective. 🙂


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