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Another LYS Going

Sometime in the first quarter of 2014, Artfibers – my favorite San Francisco yarn store – is closing its store on Sutter Street and will be an on-line store only. Unlike most LYS, Artfibers does not sell any commercially prepared yarns.  Their … Continue reading

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More Gauging & Swatching

Thor’s birthday is coming up quickly and we’re in the middle of a move, so I don’t have time to design my own pattern – which I would prefer to do.  (After all, it’s for his birthday, and he should … Continue reading

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More on Gauges & Swatches

About 15 years ago, I amassed quite a stash of Brown Sheep’s “Prairie Silk” – a gorgeous, single-ply yarn (50g=88y) that’s a blend of wool (72%), mohair (18%) and silk (10%). Over the years, I knit up various projects from … Continue reading

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Bleeding Colors

I recently read the sad post of a knitter who shared her knitting disaster:  She knit a sweater from two colors (bright red and white) and, upon washing the sweater, discovered the red bled.  Her beautifully knit sweater was now … Continue reading

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Pattern Design

Mormor (grandmother) rarely used a knitting or crocheting pattern, and my mother – on the few occasions I saw her knit (never crochet) – never used a pattern.  I never saw either of them write a pattern. I remember Mormor taking measurements … Continue reading

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