Portland_dayWe – and a 20 foot truck stuffed with our belongings – arrived in Portland yesterday. We drove carefully, taking two days to drive from San Francisco to Portland.

Today I will do a maintenance check on my loom and wheel and figure out where my yarn stash is going to go.

Portland_nightOnce everything is in its place, then I can start exploring yarn stores and (hopefully) connecting with  local fiber artists and crafters!

MultnomahThor and I want to visit the Multnomah Falls along the Historic Columbia River Highway.  (I lived in Oregon for seven years and my daughter lived in Portland for a while, but I never saw these falls.)

Any fiber artists in the Portland area?!



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Fiber art devotee, author, and amateur artisan bread baker.
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21 Responses to Unpacking

  1. Today I can barely move … a hot shower calls to me …


  2. Well, it wasn’t completely painless, but we made it!


  3. Thank you! We have not heard ONE bad thing about Portland from anybody we’ve told about moving here!


  4. So far it’s been good … 🙂 The weather today is crisp and cool, the sky blue, and the leaves are a riot of colors!


  5. I WISH those were our views … 🙂


  6. Thank you … I have some serious neighborhood exploring to do! 🙂


  7. It’s slow going … 🙂


  8. Thanks … I look forward to exploring (once I get some rest). 🙂


  9. As soon as I get settled in … moving is SO exhausting.


  10. Thanks! Creative AND exhausting!


  11. needleandspindle says:

    Best of luck with the unpack. Rearranging can be a very creative experience…I wish for you the time and space to follow the muse!


  12. Welcome to Portland! Let me know when you want to meet up! And there are many, many more falls than just Multnomah. Exploration time!


  13. Beautiful view! Good luck settling in and have fun exploring!


  14. Ruth says:

    Good luck with the unpacking!


  15. Good luck in your new home! 🙂


  16. salpal1 says:

    That is your view? OMG, it is gorgeous!
    I wish you well in your new place, I am sure you will find lots of fiber friends soon!


  17. Carina says:

    I lived in Portland in the 90s and to see those pictures you sent still makes my heart ache … Portland is one of the nicest cities I ever lived in and I would so so so much love to go back! Hope you have a good start!!


  18. Lisa says:

    Welcome to Portland! I live here! You are going to love the falls! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  19. textileshed says:

    wow, that move seems to have been very straightforward and painless – well done!


  20. kiwiyarns says:

    Gorgeous views! All the best for a quick settling in period. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of fibre artists in Portland.


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