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Marveng’s Milanese Shawl Pattern: A Review

I recently finished the “Milanese Shawl” pattern by Linda Marveng and wore it on our day trip to see Oregon’s famed Multnomah Falls.  The falls were spectacular – as was the Milanese Shawl. If you visit Linda Marveng’s pattern page, you will … Continue reading

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Distracting Farmers Markets

As of today, we’ve been living just outside Portland, Oregon, for four weeks.  I’ve done some knitting but not as much as I should given my queue.  The produce at local farmers’ markets is distracting me! This wooden bowl holds … Continue reading

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Fashion Revolution

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Designing a Sweater, Part 2: Errata

Sorry about that, readers.  I accidentally released last Sunday’s blog – Designing a Sweater for Thor, Part 2:  Measuring, Drawing & Notetaking – without its text and pictures! Catchup:  I am writing this series for the knitter who would like to create her/his … Continue reading

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Itchy Hat No More

I knew wool triggered allergic dermitis for Thor but was sure if I knit him a hat from very fine micron fibers, his skin would be fooled.  No such luck, though I used extremely fine merino (the black yarn) and baby alpaca (the … Continue reading

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Designing a Sweater for Thor, Part 1: Initial Decisions

This series is based on a sweater I am designing and knitting for Thor’s birthday.  I have designed and knit many sweaters, but I design them for a specific recipient and never knit the sweater twice.  For this sweater, I will follow … Continue reading

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Things I Had Forgotten About the Pacific Northwest

I have received many emails from knitters who liked my serial approach to past topics.  Several, interested in attempting to design a sweater, asked if I would do a series on designing a sweater.  Next Sunday, using Thor’s birthday sweater as … Continue reading

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