Things I Had Forgotten About the Pacific Northwest

I have received many emails from knitters who liked my serial approach to past topics.  Several, interested in attempting to design a sweater, asked if I would do a series on designing a sweater.  Next Sunday, using Thor’s birthday sweater as the example, my series on designing a sweater starts. 

Meanwhile …starting to settle into life in Oregon, several things I had forgotten about the Pacific Northwest have been resurrected in my mind:

  1. The college football-loving people of the state divide over being a rabid Beaver (Oregon State University) or Duck (University of Oregon) supporter.  (The yearly football game between the two teams is proudly called “the Civil War.”)
  2. People talk freely and proudly about their gun ownership.  Examples from our second day in Portland … Mine: The cable installation person (a young man), talked about hunting and taking “the Mrs.” to the shooting range.  Thor’s: The car window repair person boasted about his new Glock-something-or-rather.
  3. This state is serious about its beer.  Oregon is home to many of the excellent beers produced by local microbreweries.
  4. Coffee just may be the state hot drink, and the state’s devotion to that beverage pre-dates the post-modern obsession with Starbucks and Peets! Of course, this seems perfectly reasonable to me. Safely packed away in my suitcase (in the car) for the drive up to Oregon was my stovetop Bialetti espresso maker and a half a pound of one of a favorite water-treated decaf French Roast. In a box in the moving truck were my three variously sized backup French Press coffee pots, a bean grinder and two pounds of coffee.
  5. This state is a yarnaholics dream.  There’s even an annual four-day event in Portland in February the Rose City Yarn Crawl!

homescreenBy the way, a few days ago I went to an open knitting session at For Yarn’s Sake.  The yarn stock and fiber art supply is drool-worthy, and the owner and customers gathered around the large work table in the back were friendly and working on an array of beautiful projects.

When I joined the table, there was a vigorous discussion going on about coffee (see #4 above).  Kindred spirits on multiple levels!  (See my iPhone’s screen pic to the right.)  The women at the table made me feel welcomed!

Add a glass of microbrew, a handgun, and a little Beaver or Duck mascot, and I would have covered all bases.  I can live with two out of five!  🙂


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4 Responses to Things I Had Forgotten About the Pacific Northwest

  1. When I lived in rural Northwest Pennsylvania, hunting was pretty much a daily (despite official hunting season) way of life. For the first time in my life, I saw people driving through (the little) town with deer (dead) tied to their cars! Took me by surprise the first time I saw that!

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  2. That’s interesting about the guns; my circle doesn’t seem to have them. But I was over in central Washington, hiking on Sunday, the last day of elk season, and had never seen so many rifles in my life!


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