Itchy Hat No More

LarryHat1I knew wool triggered allergic dermitis for Thor but was sure if I knit him a hat from very fine micron fibers, his skin would be fooled.  No such luck, though I used extremely fine merino (the black yarn) and baby alpaca (the blue yarn).

Now, however, two years later, we are living in a much colder climate than San Francisco, and Thor pulled out this hat and tried again.  Same result.

LarryHat1_doubleSo for this interim birthday present (while I design and knit his cardigan sweater), after turning the band of the hat up, I picked up stitches and knit an internal hat out of a two ply 100% organic cotton yarn.

LarryHat1_upIt worked like a charm!

The already warm wool-alpaca hat is now lined with cotton (making it even warmer).  With the band turned up, no protein fiber touches Thor’s skin, and his ears are protected by a third layer.

heartHappy birthday, Thor!


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13 Responses to Itchy Hat No More

  1. MarlisB says:

    No. Terrible dermatitis and asthma.


  2. Oh my! Poor thing … anaphylactic?


  3. MarlisB says:

    My daughter is terribly allergic to wool. In fact there was a time I couldn’t even knit with sheep wool because the allergens would affect her being just in the same room. While she still cannot tolerate to wear wool and never will, I can now knit in the same room with her 🙂


  4. The inner cap needs to be slightly smaller than the outer. Remember, the outer cap has to fit over both the inner cap and the wearer’s head.


  5. Strikzilla says:

    That´s a really good idea – thank´s for sharing! Is the cotton part the same size as the hat or is it smaller?



  6. And he looks so cute in it! Not only does he wear hats well, but blue is such a great color on him. 🙂



  7. Happy Birthday Thor. Hat looks great!


  8. It is such an easy and simple remedy. You could also knit it as one torpedo-shaped tube. That is, with the first yarn, CO 4 or 8 stitches on double points and increase until you’ve got the shaping you want, then knit straight until ribbing, and then reverse on the other end with the second yarn.



  9. Thor has worn it several hours straight – nary an itch! He took it off last night when his head got too hot. 🙂



  10. caityrosey says:

    Erg. Spelling fail. Wensleydale.


  11. caityrosey says:

    What a good idea. I’ll keep that in mind, even for myself. I love the crunch and look of some of the this gorgeous green Wendleydale I spun and want to make a hat or something like that out of it, but I know that I won’t be able to bear the touch of it on my skin for more than a few minutes. A liner would fix all that.


  12. Sara Crafts says:

    What a clever fix…and you ended up making it even better!


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