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My First KAL

I have never participated in a KAL (knit-along).  I rarely follow patterns (though I often start out with the intent that I will), so the idea of knitting from a pattern that is doled out in pieces over several weeks has always … Continue reading

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Hitchhikers Everywhere

I had not heard of the Hitchhiker scarf pattern by Martina Behm until Thor and I moved to the Pacific Northwest.  It seems that on least 2 out of every 3 trips shopping I bump into someone wearing that scarf … Continue reading

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Easy to Make Your Own

In the stores around the holiday season, I notice towers of pumpkin pie filling – ready to be poured into a frozen pie crust (in another aisle).  Voila – a homemade pie!  Hmmm … not really.  To make a pumpkin … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Woolen Not-Sweater

I am frequently asked if wool jackets can be cleaned only by dry cleaning – as their labels usually indicate.  Nonsense! Wool non-sweater garments easily lend themselves to spot cleaning without washing the whole item.  In fact, in the “old … Continue reading

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Boiling Wool Clean?

I am often asked whether it’s safe to (1) hand wash the more exotic wools (such as cashmere, qiviut, etc.), and (2) use warm water to clean wool.  Yes and yes. In response to the first question, people forget that the “exotic” wool-wearing … Continue reading

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Powell’s & Walker

On the way home from Oregon’s famed Multnomah Falls, Thor and I paid a visit to Portland’s also famed Powell’s City of Books (68,000 square feet of space containing over 1 million volumes).  Amazed (perhaps dazed would be a better … Continue reading

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