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Knitting and Reading

I find it difficult to sit too still and TV programs too boring to lose myself in.  Even recuperating from a nasty bug, I keep myself occupied.  (Thor calls me “self-contained.”) As I have been going back and forth over … Continue reading

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Sickness, Swatching & Sweater Design

Soon after I returned from my  holiday trip visit to the grandchildren in California, I came down with a nasty cold; a week later, Thor succumbed.  Too sick to feel much like knitting or weaving, I read a lot of … Continue reading

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Living Pictures: Worth a Thousand Words

Over the holidays (coming home in time to spend New Year’s with Thor), I spent two weeks with my daughter and her family.   I brought a few knitting projects with me but, given the amount of time I spent caring for … Continue reading

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Awareness of Soap Ingredients

Over the years, many people have asked me whether it matters what soap you use to handwash your woolens?  It does to me. For handwashing woolens, I have long been dedicated user of Eucalan soap (pic source).  So, in preparing a post … Continue reading

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