Living Pictures: Worth a Thousand Words

Over the holidays (coming home in time to spend New Year’s with Thor), I spent two weeks with my daughter and her family.   I brought a few knitting projects with me but, given the amount of time I spent caring for sick people as the flu went through the family with unrelenting force (missing only me), I finished them up quickly.

So exactly what do I mean about living pictures? Granddaughter F watched me as I knit my way through several hundred grams of wool.  I never once tried to coax her to pick up a pair of needles or a knitting spool and give knitting a try.  Rather …

OliHatWith Granddaughter F in tow, a trip OliMittensto a nearby store to search for sale yarns and rooting through my daughter’s not-often-disturbed knitting bag, and voila, I had more yarn.

Granddaughter F  watched me as I knit my way through several hundred grams of wool from which emerged a steady stream of (easy) scarves, cowls, pileOmittensfingerless mittens and hats.  I never once suggested she pick up a pair of needles and give knitting a try.  In the midst of this explosion of knitting fest … (finally!) …

FionaGranddaughter F said, in a very serious tone of voice, “Remember, Mormor, I am now 5 years old.  You have to teach me to knit!”  So I did – both using needles and a knitting spool.  I couldn’t have been more proud of her alacrity and determination!  It was clear to me that granddaughter F has “it.”

FiaScarfF also remembered dying yarn (Cascade 220 superwash sport 50g/125m), with me last summer and watched me knit her a scarf out of it.  As we had more of the same yarn in another color, she asked me to knit a scarf for her best friend Katie. We walked to Katie’s house where she gave the ruffle-edged garter lace scarf to her friend, announcing proudly “We made it!” (which indeed we had).  (Katie’s mother received a pair of fingerless mittens.)

ScarfButtonsI knit two scarves from Elsebeth Lavold’s “SensuAl” (50g=80m, 98% baby alpaca, 2% polyamid).  Granddaughter F accompanied me on a trip to pick out buttons that turned one of them into a cowl – destined for Thor’s niece, a graduate student in the snowy northeast.  (It was a bit hard to steer F away from the PatrickScarf“Hello Kitty” buttons, but she seemed to be happy as long as the button had a face on it.)

We left off the buttons scarf out of the same yarn (different color – pic at the right) that went to the husband of a dear friend of mine.  I learned long DonnaHitchhikerago that if I make one thing for one of them, I have to make another for the other, or they steal it AlisonHitchfrom each other.  🙂  She and another friend of mine each received a Hitchhiker scarf (Manos del Uruguay “Alegria,” 100g/445y, 75% superwash wool, 25% polymide).

I have a hunch my daughter is not keeping up granddaughter F’s knitting lessons, but I go back down to California in February.  F will finish her knitting spool icord, and I will knit a purse and connect the two.  I think she will have the most fun picking a button to close it with!


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20 Responses to Living Pictures: Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Oh, I hadn’t know about your rough start 😦 Now that you say this, it’s even more wonderful to know how your life is enriched with leisure time to spend with your children and grandchildren! 🙂 ❤


  2. Always! I have many sweet memories of my daughter as a child too, but I was a single mother working, going to school, no childcare/rearing help from the child’s father, etc., so I didn’t have the leisure time that I have to spend with the grandbabies. 😦


  3. Your granddaughter will have so many sweet memories with you… Time well spent 🙂 ❤


  4. Thanks for the reply. I’ve made many hats and this one just fascinated me!!!


  5. Yes, I think I went on automatic pilot or something. Right now I am home working on a design for Thor’s birthday (two months ago!) sweater. It just wasn’t something I could take with me to work on while visiting (and caring for the sick!) over the holidays. 🙂


  6. I will see here several times before the summer, and I’m taking her to a big “fiber gathering” (for lack of a better word) on her birthday. Besides watching sheep herding and sheering demonstrations and walking among stalls of various kinds of wool producing animals, there’s a great market place for us to browse!


  7. It becomes one of those “moments” in our memories!


  8. No, I knit this on a set of 5 double pointed needles. I made up the pattern based on two measurements from my grandson’s head – around the widest part of his forehead, and from bottom of one earlobe over the top of his head to the bottom of the other earlobe – his preference for hats that are not too tight and allowed enough length for him to wear as a slouch hat if he chose. If you’ve never knit a hat before, there are many easy patterns that a basic knitter could easily master!


  9. It is so exciting to see them “get it” !!


  10. I love the blue hat that looks like it is just made with ribbing. I am a knitter in a group called Millie’s Hats For Hope Initiative and we knit all kinds of warm things with donated yarn that end up being donated to the needy. Do you have the pattern? That looks like something I could make…I am not a really skilled knitter but my group is there for a lot of support and guidance. I do use looms…is it done on one?


  11. salpal1 says:

    isn’t it fun to bring a new knitter into teh family? My 7 year old niece has learned to knit, adn wanted to know why everyone was “crowding in watching” when she pulled out her knitting one day. we were all so excited and impressed, and she did not get it! But someday, she will.


  12. F is one lucky Granddaughter to have such a devoted Grandmother! Nourish the “it” until she can do it herself, as you clearly have intentions of doing:)


  13. kiwiyarns says:

    Wow, you really were a knitting Machine during your holidays with family!! I’m so glad that granddaughter F has ‘it’, and what fun you had with her!. It will be such a source of joy to see her creations in years to come.


  14. I really liked those face buttons too! >


  15. A lot of that knitting was the “automatic pilot” type … That and having a lot of time on my hands! >


  16. We had a lot of fun! >


  17. randipants says:

    I have those same adorable face buttons! I put them on the very first sweater I ever made (which was actually a little too warm for me in the snowy northeast, in fact!).


  18. jenyjenny says:

    So phenomenal!


  19. Suzanna says:

    I cannot get over how productive you were or how fast you knit. As we who read your blog know, you have “it”, too; while others of us soldier on 🙂


  20. Great projects and photos. I remember my first spool knitting- my grandfather made using a wooden spool and small nails. Great that your grand-daughter is learning, I can’t wait to teach mine!


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